At Crafthouse we know that the best dishes start with the best produce. This belief in quality pervades everything we do, from building a team committed to providing fantastic service to paying close attention to the restaurant setting, even down to the bespoke steak knives. So, here are just a few of the suppliers we are proud to be working with…

Orkney Beef

The Orkney Islands, famous for the quality of their natural produce, are situated 17 miles off the Northwest of Scotland, the fertile landscape, fresh air, temperature and climate combine to provide the ideal environment for raising livestock. Executive Chef Lee Murdoch says “It took a while and several different suppliers for me to decide upon using only Orkney Beef. I firmly believe that the best tasting beef comes from only well looked after, happy livestock and that is certainly the case with the grass-fed Orkney Beef.”

Smoked meat and fish

Staal Smokehouse is the wonderful story of a couple living their dream – moving back to their family farm in East Yorkshire, and running a successful business that combines their experiences in farming and fishing with their passion for top quality food.

Justin Staal has travelled all over the world, seeing first hand the different techniques of smoking and curing meat, game and fish – from Alaskan hot-smoked king salmon to Icelandic cured ptarmigan. He says: “We adhere to the traditional curing techniques honed and perfected over hundreds of years because we know that the extra time and care can be tasted in every bite.”

Fresh fruit, vegetables, dairy and cheese

Founded over 53 years ago, Wellocks prides itself on being the direct link between growers and chefs. Introduced to D&D by Tim Allen, the Michelin-starred chef, their 185-strong team of long-standing personnel is able to source the very best ingredients, no matter what the request – from 40 kilos of young leeks no longer than 2cm each to the most extravagant Mirelle mushrooms.

Steak knives

It’s natural that any company wanting to buy a British knife would go to Sheffield, which has been recognised as the centre of expertise in knife-making since at least the 13th century when Geoffrey Chaucer referred to it in The Canterbury Tales (“A Sheffield thwitel baar he in his hose”).

The marque II steak knife used in Angelica and Crafthouse was designed especially for them by specialist Paul Iseard from The Famous Sheffield Shop. The blades were manufactured by local engineering firm DH Greensmith, and the handles by the traditional pocket-knife maker, A Wright & Son. It was so well received at D&D HQ that it is now used in all their latest ventures, including Old Bengal Warehouse and South Place Hotel.