WILD YORKSHIRE RABBIT by Executive Chef Lee Murdoch

a la carte

1 wild rabbit
Goose liver
Spring truffle
Spring peas
Yukon potato
Wild garlic


Rabbit: remove the loins from the saddle, season & sear in a hot pan with garlic and thyme. Set aside in the fridge until you’re ready to assemble the dish.

Rabbit mousse: remove meat from the leg, dice, season and blend with 100ml cream per leg. Grate in fresh truffle, garlic, chopped chives and 1 egg. set aside for the Boudin Blanc & Rabbit

Boudin Blanc: pipe 25grams of the rabbit mix  in cling film and roll, tie and drop into 62* for 18 mins, then into ice cold water to chill. Save until later.

Assembly: take two slices of brioche, around 10cm long and 3mm thick. To each slice spread the rabbit mousse then: spinach, goose liver, chilled rabbit loin, mousse. Now roll and chill for 45 mins. Pan fry in butter until golden brown, then in the oven at 180* for 6 minutes, rest for 10 minutes before serving

Potato terrine: layer thinly sliced potatoes with caramelised onions. Add rabbit stock and bake in the oven for 180 for 35 mins

Morels: Deglaze morels, spring peas and shallots with white wine and butter
See image for presentation

Present as above